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wrongly convicted.
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After 34 years
of wrongful incarceration,
Ben Spencer has been
released from prison
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Read More Centurion works to free innocent people
who have been wrongly convicted of
rape or murder, where DNA is often not
available to prove their innocence.
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Centurion is a national nonprofit 501c3 organization that relies on the support of generous donors to enable us to continue our fight to free the innocent. Since 1983, we have freed 67 men and women who were serving life or death sentences for crimes they did not commit. We take on the hard cases – those that have no DNA available to prove our clients’ innocence. We re-investigate the crime, uncovering lost evidence, finding new evidence, convincing coerced witnesses to come forward with the truth, and overturning false confessions. Please join us in our fight for justice.

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Centurion investigates claims of innocence without any requirement that a particular type of evidence exist in a case. The majority of our cases do not have a scientific element that would be probative of innocence. We take on the toughest cases and utilize our expertise to conduct comprehensive field re-investigations to prove our clients’ innocence.


Legal Representation

Centurion provides free legal representation to all its clients and represents individuals across the United States and Canada. Our legal team is comprised of the most skilled post-conviction attorneys in the country. They provide our clients with the best possible representation at post-conviction habeas trials or at retrials.


Post-Release Support

Upon their release, Centurion provides our clients with financial support as needed, and connects them to services in their local communities that can help them secure jobs, housing, and medical and psychological care. We also link the newly exonerated with our family of freed clients for mentorship and support.

Recently Released Clients

These amazing people each endured an average of 20 years imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Only a handful of them have received compensation for the injustice they have survived. Read their compelling stories.


Larry Walker

38 years
Philadelphia, PA


Kevin DeSalle

24 years
New Orleans, LA


Shawn Henning

30 years
New Milford, CT

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Sep 2022
The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

2022 Family Gathering

Apr 2022

2022 Spring Retreat

Nov 2021

A Virtual Event – Finally Free: Stories of Wrongful Incarcerations & the Long Journey Home!

Dec 2020

A Virtual Event with Centurion


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The average cost to free an innocent person is $350,000


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