Post-Release Support Services

In the pursuit of justice, Centurion’s responsibility extends beyond the courtroom; it encompasses the crucial task of supporting those who have emerged from the shadows of wrongful conviction. The release of an individual who has been wrongfully convicted marks the end of a harrowing chapter in their life, but it also signals the beginning of a challenging journey towards rebuilding a life grounded in self-determination. Beyond the prison walls, these exonerees face a myriad of obstacles as they strive to reintegrate into society, regain their dignity, and find a semblance of normalcy.

Since 2020, Centurion has strategically expanded its efforts to provide comprehensive post-release support services to our clients. With the support of our Executive Director and our LCSW, Centurion’s Post-Release Support services addresses six core priorities:

        1. Obtaining gainful employment
        2. Securing safe, affordable housing
        3. Financial support
        4. Access to healthcare
        5. Access to mental health services
        6. Reconnecting with family and friends

These key priorities are completed through leveraging partnerships with community-based organizations throughout the country. This enables us to connect our freed clients with invaluable resources that position them to build and maintain full, stable lives.