Staff Directory

Corey Waldron

Executive Director

Kate Germond

Senior Advocate and Investigator

Paul Casteleiro

Legal Director

Jim McCloskey

Founder, Retired

Janet Baxendale

Intake Analyst and Volunteer Development

James Cousins

Attorney, Case Investigator

Pamela Feig

Post-release Support Coordinator

Christina François

Assistant Legal Director

Rosemary Kay


Alan Maimon

Case Investigator

Madison McCoy

Administrative Support

Trish Traverse

Staff Case Developer

Gene Truncellito

Senior Case Developer

Tyler Spikes

Exoneree Support

Kimberly Weston

Director of Case Development

Laila S. Wilson-McCoy

Director of Development

Volunteer Case Developers

Centurion is assisted in its work by a group of high level volunteers who are our Case Developers. They are often retired lawyers, doctors, scientists, or educators. We ask that they devote at least eight hours a week to case review work as they serve an extremely important role in the identification and development of prospective cases. Each case developer is responsible for collecting and summarizing the facts of the case as they are developed via correspondence directly with the inmate and verified through documentation. This position requires a logical thought process and the ability to methodically summarize critical details into a cohesive report.

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