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Mark Schand is a life-long NY Yankees fan who served 27 years in a Massachusetts prison before Centurion brought him home on October 4, 2013. On that day, the Hampden County MA District Attorney dismissed all charges against Mark stemming from a 1986 Springfield, MA murder he did not commit. Awaiting Mark was Mia (pictured above), his wife of 27 years,….

Read the full story and other updates: June 2019 – Issue Fourteen

Clarence Brandley died September of this year at the age of 66. Centurion’s founder, Jim McCloskey, called him “one of the bravest men I’ve known” because of the strength he exemplified in the face of an impending death sentence. It was this fortitude that inspired Clarence’s Centurion-led team to fight to stop his execution.

Read the full story and other updates: November 2018 – Issue Thirteen

Earlier this spring, Centurion’s effort to exonerate Ralph Lee ended with powerful results that could impact wrongfully imprisoned individuals throughout the state. In addition to the charges against Mr. Lee and co-defendant, Eric Kelley, being dismissed, the prosecution’s handling of the case was so disturbing it could not be ignored, prompting Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to act decisively.

Read the full story and other updates: June 2018 – Issue Twelve

On his first weekend out of prison, Michael Shannon attended a nearly round-the-clock family barbecue at his childhood home in New Orleans. It rained those days, but that didn’t bring Michael down one bit. “I went out and played in the rain like a little kid,” he said…

Read the full story and other updates: November 2017 – Issue Eleven

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