2022 A Moment of Closure…

An innocent person’s journey from wrongful imprisonment to a thriving life after their release is marked by many milestones.  At Centurion, we are committed to walking alongside our clients along every step of that journey. With your contributions, we are able to support the people we serve from the day we take on a case and add an innocent person’s name to our Client Board, through their long and winding fight for justice, into the lives we help them build post-release.

Centurion marks a crucial part of each person’s journey with a Name Removal Ceremony at our national headquarters in Princeton, NJ. It’s an emotional moment of closure, community, and gratitude. On September 29, four of our recently released clients took part in the Name Removal Ceremony.

Please take a moment to watch the video below and then make your contribution to help us free more innocent men and women from wrongful imprisonment. Let’s get more names taken off of our Client Board and bring our innocent clients home!