After Exoneration

Our clients are our family.  While working to exonerate a client we will support them while they are still in prison, helping to ease the incredible weight of incarceration.   We are also supporting any efforts to further their education or to learn a skill.   Once freed we will endeavor to tailor make a plan for them to succeed.  Whether it is housing, employment, clothing, medical check ups, or simply being a voice on the end of a phone, or all of the above, we will walk with them on this new journey.  Just like any family, everyone is different and their needs are different.   The common thread is our care and concern for their well-being.   We want them to succeed once free.  We want their freedom to be a joyous experience, for them not to feel alone as they navigate the new world.


The average cost to free an innocent person is $350,000.Donate Now